Our first accelerator cohort was chosen to help strengthen the infrastructure needed to protect our rights and win progressive victories at all levels of government. We could not be prouder of everything these organizations have already achieved, nor more excited to see what they will accomplish next.

  • Partnered with local groups to organize over 1,000 leaders in 13 geographically and politically diverse states across the country in 2017, alone.

  • Cultivated over 100 partners who supported events with access to inspiring speakers and content and helped new leaders with outreach to other leaders and provided resources to support the participants.

  • Used surveys and research to identify the top priorities and resource requests of local leaders.           

  • Recruited a team of 400+ top-notch programmers, designers, and project managers ready for rapid deployment;

  • Built an experienced leadership team and advisory board;

  • Became a project of Arabella and New Media Ventures, receiving grants from both

  • Supported more than 100 campaigns in 2017, alone;

  • Built tools to boost efficiency for new progressive organizations, including Indivisible, Run for Something, March On, and Spread the Vote; and (Brady ADD MORE)

  • Assembled a tech team in less than 24 hours to build and support the website for the historic March for Our Lives.

  • Matched more than 45 volunteer pro-bono attorneys with 28 projects for 15 organizations, including The Women’s March, Vote.org, Indivisible, Flippable, Planned Parenthood, Wall of Us, ActLocal 2017, and many others.

  • Developed an experienced legal and advisory board.

  • Signed on to three amicus briefs on issues of import to women.

  • Created an experienced national advisory committee to investigate how to better use legal resources to address sexual assault and harassment, and to investigate the issue within the legal profession.

  • Established partnerships and relationships with a number of nonprofits including the National Women’s Law Center, American Constitution Society for Law and Policy, Planned Parenthood, Project Callisto, Emerge America and Emerge Virginia, International Refugee Assistance Project, The Good Guys, DC, Public Rights Project, Planned Parenthood, Muslim Advocates, and Ignite National, among others.

  • Organized 25,000 volunteers across the country.

  • Supported 15 state races in Delaware, Washington, and Virginia in which 14 of the 15 candidates won their elections!

  • Raised $350,000 in small dollar donations to support these campaigns directly plus another $350,000 through partnerships with allied groups.

  • Knocked on 30,000 doors, made 81,000 phone calls and sent 185,000 text messages to potential voters.

  • Contributed 30,000 volunteer hours, which is the equivalent of 17 full-time employees.

  • Designed and launched Election Watch, a non-partisan program to prevent voter suppression that is run by the Lawyers For Good Government (L4GG) Foundation in partnership with the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights and the Voting Rights Institute. Election Watch will put trained volunteer lawyers in 3,144 counties to monitor local election boards, report on voter suppression, and protect voting rights.

  • Mobilized more than 5,400 lawyers to help Dreamers when DACA was rescinded. The L4GG Foundation worked with the American Immigration Lawyers Association to train more than 1,500 lawyers in 72 hours and connected thousands of volunteer lawyers with legal clinics to help 130,000 Dreamers meet the October deadline to reapply. They also deployed hundreds of attorneys to airports across the country in response to the Muslim Ban, and partnered with dozens of organizations and airport coalitions.

  • Launched a program to help U.S. cities convert to 100% renewable energy in response to the administration's decision to withdraw from the Paris Accord. Teams of L4GG lawyers are now working in partnership with the Sierra Club to help cities in 20 states across the country convert to 100% renewable energy.