About the Program

In this 12-18 month program, NLA staff and consultants work closely with leaders to help them identify strengths, challenges, and needs, and match them with the appropriate trainings, resources, and experts to build a strong organizational foundation. We focus on core capacity fields such as strategic planning, diversity and inclusion, organizational development, communications, and fundraising, among other areas. In short, we provide the capacity-building resources new organizations need to become sustainable, effective advocates for change.

NLA selects a limited cohort of six to ten organizations whose work falls into one of the following categories:

  • Securing and maintaining a diverse, progressive, permanent, and independent power base

  • Protecting and strengthening civil liberties

  • Educating the public and elected officials about progressive policy issues

  • Advancing a progressive policy agenda at the local, state, or federal level

If you’d like more information about our accelerator program, please contact us.

UPCOMING: The New American Majority Cohort

As 2018 demonstrated, the future of progressive power lies with the rising New American Majority - a coalition comprised of women, youth, and people of color. NLA’s 2019-2020 cohort will help eight to ten emerging, innovative leaders who are running organizations with demonstrated impact in building power in their communities. Learn more.


The six organizations in NLA’s first accelerator class have quickly become leaders of the progressive community - providing critical infrastructure, platforms, services, and rapid response capacity that make the entire movement stronger and better.



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