What NLA has achieved

In the aftermath of the 2016 elections, NLA was the first to step up to provide capacity-building support to new leaders focused on securing and maintaining a new progressive power base.

We are a new organization but our work is already paying HUGE dividends. Here’s the CliffsNotes on what we’ve been up to:

  • Selected and supported a wildly successful first cohort. The six organizations in our 2018 accelerator class have quickly become leaders of the progressive movement - providing infrastructure, platforms, services, and rapid response capacity that make the entire movement stronger and better.

  • Secured more than $1.7 million worth of pro-bono and low-bono support for legal, strategic planning, communications, leadership, and organizational development support for new organizations.

  • Built a deep bench of more than 100 experts, consultants, attorneys, and coaches to work at low- or pro-bono rates to help new organizations thrive and scale.

  • Provided technical assistance to more than 40 newly formed organizations.

  • Built an experienced advisory board of leading experts to mentor, train, and support emerging organizations.

  • Created a 501(c)(3), The Capacity Shop to explore ways to strengthen resources for emerging organizations and foster collaboration across the field.

  • Served as a hub for resources and collaboration, helping to avoid duplication and support coordination in what is often a crowded and confusing landscape.

  • Produced webinars and in-person trainings attended by more than 60 new leaders.

We’re currently planning to maximize our impact by launching a new cohort in 2019 that will focus on empowering and supporting the emerging leaders of the New American Majority.



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